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Although we try to post only the most updated and accurate information available, we will not be held liable for any problems that arise from of our information.

The service and products that are posted on this site are not for the purpose of the advertising.

This homepage include the information about health, but it is not to be used as a substitute for the advice of the medical doctors or the healthcare professionals.

Due to the frequency of medical advances, you may find gap between the latest information and the information on our site. Please understand that we have no responsibility to answer questions about the latest medical advance.

About personal information

We respect and place a high value on everyone's right to privacy. Therefore, we are very careful when handling personal data.
We manage and use personal data appropriately and safely to comply with the regulations made under the Act regarding personal information protection and company regulation.

Purpose of use of the personal data

When we get personal information from the customers and users, we use them only for carrying out our business and services, offering related data, and improvement of the service. If we use them for a reason other than listed above, we will do so upon his or her consent.

Collecting personal information

We collect personal information only when the users are willing to offer them. We would not collect them without permission of the users.

Management of personal information

The personal information we have accepted are not disclosed nor offered to any third party except when the situations listed below.

  1. (1)Upon the users’ consent.
  2. (2)Not being able to identify the user.
  3. (3)Outsourcing to the other company in order to make the business run smoothly and efficiently. (We carefully select and ensure companies we release information to have integrity and comply with the privacy standards. We manage it appropriately by written agreement.)
  4. (4)We had a call for the disclosure by the Act.

Inquiry about personal information

Please contact us at the office (contact information below) if you rwould like to check and/or correct your personal information or if you have complaints. If you have concerns about your personal information being given away, please contact us and we will verify your identity and look into your concern. We will answer the inquiries as soon as possible in a rational manner.
Please understand that it may take a reasonable number of days to extract data and to explain appropriately. And please note that any fees or charges for the service may happen. As for necessary procedures for the payment, please contact us at the following.

Personal information consultation service

1-4-1 Chitose-machi Toyama-city Toyama Japan

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