Toyama Pharmaceutical Association

About us

Organization Name Toyama Pharmaceutical Association (TPA)
Establishment June 25th , 1952
Representatives Toshiro Nakai, President
(President and CEO of the TOA Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.)
Organizational Structure Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and pharmaceutical related companies that have their business bases in Toyama Prefecture.
(140 companies, 7 organizations and groups; as of January 2019)
Project Overview To understand the circumstances surrounding the pharmaceutical industry, and to contribute to the sound development of this industry in Toyama Prefecture and the improvement of public health, the Association works on various projects, such as information collection, ensuring quality of medicines, promotion of research and development, sales expansion, and international exchanges.
Major Projects *Promotion of contract manufacturing business of medicines
*Improvement of the manufacturing management technology
*Human resource development of formulation technicians
*Study on formulation development
*Ensuring human resources, such as pharmacists
*Promotion of international exchange
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