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Contract manufacturing

Main purpose of posting information about Contract manufacturing

Please read this when you use the search engine to look up the companies.

1. Brief Overview

The industries of this prefecture has well developed since 2005, when the revised Pharmaceutical Affairs Act went into effect and enabled us to outsource any pharmaceutical products.
We established the search engine to look up the pharmaceutical companies located in the prefecture with the hope of increasing the contract manufacturing and commissioning.

2. Details of the material

We only provide such information below that has turned in (offered) from the companies.

  1. (1)Name of the company
  2. (2)Profile of the company; address, phone number etc.
  3. (3)Category(Pharmaceutical products, Quasi drug, Cosmetics etc)
  4. (4)Form
  5. (5)Feature of the form
  6. (6)Capacity of commission (per year)
  7. (7)Main production machine
  8. (8)Production technique etc.
  9. (9)Additional information

You can search by either "Form of drug", "List of the companies" or "Key word".

3. How to use

  1. (1)The way to search

    By "Form of drug"

    When you see the list of the form, select the companies that you were interested in and then click "Search". Now you can see the information about all the companies you wished to look up.

    *If you check several places, it will show all companies that apply.

    By "List of the companies"

    It will show up in Japanese alphabetical order.

    By "Key word"

    Type the key word you wish to search in the blank space and click "Search". Then you will see the list of all the companies that matched with the information.

    *Some of the key words may not hit with any companies. Please try different key words you type in.

  2. (2)Viewing the search result

    Click the company name on the list and you can see the information about it.
    You can also link to the home page of the company by clicking the "Website" button on the right hand side of the list.

  3. (3)When you wish to order contract manufacturing or when you have any questions, please put all the required information in the inquiry form and send it. It will send directly to the company.

    *The copy of the e-mail you sent to the company will also be sent to Toyama Pharmaceutical Association, which is the collaborator for those commissioning works. The copy is used only for situation management and not for any other purposes. (It is followed as is stated on the "About personal Information" in "About this site" ).
    *After you sent the e-mail, automatic reply e-mail will be sent to you. If you do not get it, you may have typed the address incorrectly. In that case, please send the e-mail one more time.

  4. (4)Please ask any questions about contract manufacturing and commissioning to Toyama Pharmaceutical Association, which is the collaborator for those commissioning works.

[ Inquiry & Contact information ]

The collaborator for commissioning works

Toyama Pharmaceutical Association (1-4-1 Chitose-machi Toyama-city Toyama Japan)

[ Important information ] Disclaimer

We, Toyama Pharmaceutical Association, will not be held liable for any problems that arise from the communication between the companies by using the searching system on this website.

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