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Pharmaceutical industry in this prefecture has established more than 350 years ago when the load of the 2nd Toyama-han (2nd domain head), Masatoshi Maeda, spread "Medicine of Toyama" known for “use first pay later system” and the unique manufacturing process of “Hangontan (stomach medicine)” through the nation. We have been achieving steady improvement since then by overcoming lots of hardships with knowledge and effort of the forerunners. The accumulated capital contributed industrial improvement of banks, electricity and other related industries in Toyama.

This association has established as an alliance of pharmaceutical industry of Toyama and the association of house hold medicine in Toyama in June 1952 as an incorporated association under permission of prefectural governor. We have been putting effort to expand the industry and improve national healthcare by implementation in proactive educational instruction, expanding distribution and improving business since then, as the core association.

During the years of steep economic growth, 1950-1960, the pharmaceutical industry experienced difficulty of finding successors. It led reducing number of house-hold medicine sales personnel. The quality and safety of production were more emphasized due to the drug-induced disease at that time. In 1976, GMP was implemented, so pharmaceutical industry in Toyama which is composed by lots of small-medium size companies was put into very hard situation. To overcome this situation, our business was specified under Small and Medium Enterprise Modernization Promotion Act. After that, we have been putting effort to modernization and structural improvement projects.

On the other hand, health insurance system has been established in 1961 and it led active production of pharmaceutical products. Pharmaceutical production industry in Toyama has also well developed since 2005, when the revised Pharmaceutical Affairs Act went into effect and enabled us to accept commissioning manufacture of any pharmaceutical products. Now, the industry is in the 1st place in Japan. Thanks to all the supports and instructions from the government, prefectural authorities, pharmaceutical related cities and towns and University of Toyama, we have improved a lot.

Especially, prefectural authorities provided psychological and material support to establish pharmaceutical research facility, training center and promotion division (Medicine Policy Division). We appreciate their dedication.

Today, fundamental review of legal institutions is critical because the economy has been unclear with the rapid aging of the population and falling birthrate. In the pharmaceutical area, institutional reform has been implemented. Moreover, pharmaceutical industry and related world has been changing vividly such as sales system of pharmaceutical products was revised after 46 years of implementation. The role of "Self medication" known for protect ourselves is growing its importance and the OTC and house hold medicines have been absorbing large expectations.

This association will aggressively improve and expand the activities to contribute for promoting national health with understanding rapid change of social economy. We hope to leap forward without forgetting back-to-basics ethos.

Toyama Pharmaceutical Association
President Toshiro Nakai

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