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Toa Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.


26 Sango Toyama-city Toyama (ZIP code:939-3548)



We have grown our technique of product manufacturing by business alliance with big named companies and we have achieved by putting effort to the product development.
We first launched commissioning works. We keep trying to be more reliable pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Category Form of drug Feature of the form Capacity of commission (per year) Main production machine Production techniques Additional information
Pharmaceutical productsTabletPlain tablet, FC tablet,Sugar coated tablet, three layered tablet, oral melting tablet etc.About 1 billion tablets·Flux granule dryer
·High speed mixier
·Vertical granulator
·Granule extrusion machine
·Shelf dryer
·Mixing machineTableting machine
·Coating machine
·Tablet printer
·Tablet video inspection machine
·Granulate video inspection machine
·Various kind of filling and packaging line etc.
Acceptable order of product development to production of commercial products consistently.·Capable of smooth service by the specialized department for commissioning OEM, product development and generating technology.
·Have practical accomplishments of co-development.
·Capable of production of various forms of products such as oral solid & liquid products, external liquid dproducts and ointment.
Granule, Powdered productsFour-way sealed indivisual packaging & Stick indivisual packaging 100t·Four-way sealed indivisual packaging machine
·Stick indivisual packaging machine
Acceptable order of product development to production of commercial products consistently.·There is a specialized department for dealing with commissioning
and OEM, and they try smooth searvice.
·Has many experiences of Co-developmen.
·Equipment for oral solid & liquid products, external liquid product and ointment can accept various kinds of orders.
Internal liquid dproductSyrup product Drink productone million bottles·Jacket tank with stirrer
·Tight sealed stirrer ·Ultra high speed centrifuge
·Bottle rinser filling machine
·Horizontal cartner
·Overlap packaging machine
external liquid dproductCapable of producing oral rinse, nasal & ear drops.5-1 million bottles·Adjusting tank with stirrer ·Liquid filling machine
·Horizontal cartner
Quasi drugexternal liquid dproductCapable of producing oral rinse, nasal & ear drops.5-1million bottles·Adjusting tank with stirrer
·Liwuid dflling machine
·Horizontal cartner
Pharmaceutical productsCapsuleCapable of #1 to #3 CP200millionCP·Capsu filling machine
·weight sorting machine
OintmentTube, bottle30t·Vacuum emulsifying equipment
·TK high vis disper mix
·OintmentFilling machine
·Auto filling & packaging machinefor viscous products
DPIproductNasal &
Negotiable·Mixing machine
·Powder f illing
Japanese first DPI dedicated factory
Eye drop5ml-500mlNegotiablePartnership with Nitto Medic(dedicated factory for Eye-drops)Efficient production with the high tecknology factory of the partner company (Nitto Medic) .
Eye wash5ml-500ml

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