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Teika Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


1-3-27 Arakawa Toyama-city Toyama (ZIP code:930-0982)

TEL:+81-76-431-1717 FAX:+81-76-441-6736


Through product development and manufacturing, such as patches, eye drops, ointments, liquids and oral solids, we provide reliable products to customers worldwide. We will devote our efforts to public health by products consisting of reassurance, safety and high quality by working on manufacturing of brand products, business collaboration and contract manufacturing.

Category Form of drug Feature of the form Capacity of commission (per year) Main production machine Production techniques Additional information
Pharmaceutical productsPatchDimension:10×14cm·0.94million sheets / day
·0.19million sheets / day
(Individual packaging)
·Spreader & Cutter
◆We have been accumulating experiences and techniques for external use, such as patches, eye drops, ointments, creams, lotions or liquids, and for oral liquid preparation and oral solids to contributie to society by working on unique research of new drugs or co-development with other pharmaceutical companies.

◆Co-research and co-development are acceptable.

◆Contract manufacturing and quality control are accepable.
Eye drop2.5-20mL·Round shape containers(2.5-5mL):40,000 bottles/day
·Round bottles and Flat containers (5-20mL):70,000 bottles/day
·Various shaped containers (7-8mL):30,000 bottles/day
·Flat, Oval and Circle containers (2.5-5mL):140,000 bottles/day
·Distilled, sanitized purified water system
·SIP/CIP system
·Liquid adjusting/Filling equipment
·Filtration sterilization equipment
·Filling machine for filling eye drops in various shaped containers (not standable containers etc.)
Various shaped containers are acceptable by robot system.
Ointment,Cream,Lotion,Liquid for external use5-500g, 10-50mL·Alminum tubes (10-50g):50,000 tubes/day
·Alminum tubes (5 -25g):40,000 tubes/day(Individual packaging)
·Laminated tubes(10-50g):24,000 tubes/day(Individual packaging)
·Ointment bottles(100g,200g):5,000 bottles/day
·Ointment bottles(500g):2,000 bottles/day
·Liquid bottles(10mL):20,000 bottles/day
·Liquid bottles(50mL):19,000 bottles/day
·Vacuum emulsifying equipment
·Universal mixer
·Filling machine for lotions
·Filling machine for liquid bottles·Filling machine for alminum tubes
·Filling machine for alminum laminated tubes
Ointment,Cream(containing highly pharmacologically active ingredients)2-500g·Alminum tubes(2‐10g):50,000 tubes/day
·Alminum tubes(5‐30g):80,000 tubes/day
·Alminum tubes(5‐25g):50,000 tubes/day(Individual packaging)
·Ointment bottles(100g):5,000 bottles/day
·Ointment bottles(500g):2,000 bottles/day
·Vacuum emulsifying equipment
·Glove box
·Agi homo mixer (Vacuum emulsifying system)
·Universal mixer (Vacuum emulsifying system)
·Filling machine for tubes·Filling machine for ointment bottles
High pharmacologically-active substances are manufactured in a dedicated building separated from normal pharmaceutical products.
Granule,Capsule,TabletCapable of manufacturing odd -shaped tablets·300kg/day·Fluidized bed granulator
·Vertical glanulator
·V shaped mixer
·Tableting machine
·Filling machine for capsules
·Tablets inspection machine
Pharmaceutical product & Quasi drugOral liquid preparation100mL·Oral liquid bottles(100mL):180,000 bottles/day·Liquid adjusting equipment
·Filling machine for oral liquid preparation
Quasi drugOral liquid preparation

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