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Taikyo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


173-3 Mizuhashi Hatakera Toyama-city Toyama (ZIP code:939-3521)

TEL:+81-76-478-1122 FAX:+81-76-479-9111


We, Taikyo Pharmaceutical Co., ltd., is integrated medical goods manufacturer producing from internal medicine to plaster & band-aid for external use. We have unieqe products such as plasterproduct with the cohesive cloth and "Okyu-kou"wich is known for its flexible stimulus & the form.
We can accept commissioning order of internal solid medicine, drinks, plaster, tape and cosmetics (gel mask, cooling sheets).
Please ask without hesitation about any production, co-development and prodct development. Our personnel will get back to you.

Category Form of drug Feature of the form Capacity of commission (per year) Main production machine Production techniques Additional information
Pharmaceutical productsPlasterintegration of the ointment and cohesive seat1,000-2,000kg/day /line·Blender(300-500L) ·Ointment Spreading machine
·Cutting machine
Processable to various forms with many layers.Automation linefor plaster product (from spreading to filling) has installed the end of 2009.
TapeThere are Rubber & Ester of acrylic acid emulsion etc.·Pressurized kneader
·Roll kneader
·Calendar roll spreader ·ointment spreading dryer
Capable of various forms and sizes.Testing line for SIS base.
Internal liquid product
Herbal medicine, 20-50ml mini drink product, 100ml drink product·100ml line: 40,000 bottles/day
·20-50ml line: 50,000 bottles/day
·Adjusting tank(2,600L)
·Filtration equipment
·Filling machine
·Auto inspection machine
Capable of manufacturing products with herbal medicine.Automation line for filling through packaging of 20-50mk mini drink products.
capsulecapsule#1·capsule:.3-.4 million cp/day·Wcone blender
·Granule extrusion machine
·capsuleFilling machine
·PTP packagingmachine
·Stick separate packaging machine
·separate packaging machine
Available tapping filling for filling capsules.
Separate packged powder product·120,000 packages / day
Separate packaged stick product·Sticks: 70,000 sticks/day
Band aid with antiseptic clothUrethane band aid150,000 sheets/day·Medicine impregnation equipment
·Band aid maker
Curved shape

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