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20 Tsuji Tateyama-machi, Toyama Japan (Postal Code:930-0211)

Business Management Takashi Miyazaki


*We are technology-oriented company having wealth of formulation art for the pharmaceutical agents for external use. Especially, our original fomulation art for the nasal preparation gets much attention from the pharmaceutical companies around the world. We have and apply numerous patents mainly for drugs for external use in Japan and in other countries and manufacture the drugs based on these patents and provide with them. We are also, contracted manufacturer of ethical and OTC products for external use. Meeting the demand, the examinations of formulating and manufacturing using our original technologies are conducted. We have a lot of experience of collaborative development for drugs for external use.

Category Form of drug Feature of the form Capacity of commission (per year) Main production machine Production techniques Additional information
Pharmaceutical productsOral sprayFormulating spray of jet and solid types is possible. Dealing with 5〜30mLNegotiable*Vaccum mixer emulsification device

*Homogenizer mixer

*Dissolving tank for compounding liquid

*Aluminum-tube-filling machine

*Aluminum-laminated convertible tube filling machine (hot air sealing and saddle system)

*Full automatic filling machine for liquid

*Full automatic filling machine for nasal preparation

*Semi-automatic filling machine for nasal preparation

*Jar container filling machine

*Tack labeler

*Full automatic cartoning machine

*Rondo tray molding machine

*Over-wrapping packaging machine
*Concerning the cutaneous drugs for external use and nasal preparation, we cooperate and provide with formulation art at the R & D phase.

*We design the formulation for nasal preparation using special base for spraying. We have excelent spray technology including the designing for device.

*We specialize in the drugs for external use and are manufacturing stably high quality products with technical capabilities and original know-how complying with GMP.

*Compounding with the latest vaccum mixing equipment, filling machine and packaging machine, setting tough standard for filling till packaging and establishing the coherent system to manufacture the products effectively and stably.

*The highly bioactive substances such as topical corticosteroid are manufactured in the dedicated facility with containment system based on the strict quality control.
*We perform thorough quality control conducting the quick and precise examination on raw materials, packaging materials and finished products using advanced equipment and analytical instrument.

*We have original evaluating system for nasal preparation to proceed for formulation design.

*We have abundant results on OEM and contrated maufacturing from major pharmaceutical companies from home and abroad.
Nasal preparationPossible to formulate nasal gel preparation with high viscosity as well as liquid. Also possible to design device. Ordinary and highly bioactive substances are manufactered respectively in the dedicated facilities. Dealing with 5〜30mL
Semisolid formulation for rectal useFormulating gel and spray are possible.
Liquid for external useDealing with drip, push and rubber type. 5〜100mL
SprayFormulating spray of mist, jet and solid types are possible. Dealing with 5〜30mL
OintmentOrdinary and highly bioactive substances are manufactured respectively in the dedicated facilities. Dealing with 5〜50g for tube and 100〜500g for jar container.

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