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Nippon Gene was established in 1982 as the first biotechnology venture in Japan.
We develop and manufacture diagnostics such as human IVD and research tools for genetic engineering.
We have been focused on rapid tests since we launched the pregnancy test in 1988, using monoclonal antibodies labeled with gold-colloid.

Nippon Gene has governmental register of manufacturing not only human IVD but also animal IVD. And Nippon Gene has ISO13485 certification.
We are also a contract manufacturer from antibody development to lateral flow device manufacture.

Nippon Gene recently expanded our production capacity for increasing contracts.
We contribute health on the earth by providing confident and reliable products based on our experience, expertise, and flexibility

Category Form of drug Feature of the form Capacity of commission (per year) Main production machine Production techniques Additional information
Pharmaceutical productsin vitro diagnostics· Lateral flow test strip and reagent solution
· test strip size
Width: > 4 mm
Length: 60-125 mm
· Be able to put test strip in housing case
from 10,000 to 2,500,000 tests·Auto Laminator & Laminator for small scale
·Auto Dryer for reagent pad (tape type)
·Auto Dryer for reagent pad (tablet type)
·Auto Checker (vision sensor) and Auto Counter
·Automatic Pouch Packing Machine
·Reel-to-Reel Dispenser
·Vacuum Freeze-Dryer (for large and small scale)
·Cryogenic Room
·Breeding Room for mouse
· Be able to provide services from an assay development or small scale production to a commercial production.· Has over 30 years experience in manufacture of in vitro diagnostic.
· Has a manufacturing license and a license for marketing authorization
· We would be able to accept the production of test devices other than in vitro diagnostics (for environment, food and so on) .

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