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Meiji Yakuhin Co., Ltd.


6 Sango Toyama-city Toyama (ZIP code:939-3548)

TEL:+81-76-478-1110 Katsumi Ooami


We directly sell own products to pharmaceutical market all over Japan. We produce pharmaceutical products, quasi drug and health foods with the support of technical & business alliance worldwide.

Category Form of drug Feature of the form Capacity of commission (per year) Main production machine Production techniques Additional information
Pharmaceutical productsTablet·Acceptable order of Filmed tablet and Sugarcoated tablet
·Capable of packaging with various packaging types
·Mixing machine
·High speed stir & knead granulator
·Flux granule drying machine
·Dry granulating machine
·Granule extrusion machine
·Shelf dryer
·Tableting machine
·Coating machine
·Metal detector
·Tablet printing machine
·Visual checking machine for tablets
·capsule filling machine
·PTP packaging line
·Bottle filling line
·Bag supplying line
·Three-way sealer
·Four-way sealer
·Stick packaging line
·Acceptable order of product development to production of commercial products consistently.
·Capable of preparation of lactobacillus.
·Capable of dealing with various size and amount of production with variety of machinery.
·Acceptable orders of a part of the production by itself. ·Has many experiences of producing tablet, powder, granule and capsule to comply with the commission from big named makers.
Quasi drugTablet
Pharmaceutical productsGranuleCapable of various kinds of packaging
Quasi drugGranule
Pharmaceutical productsPowdered products
Quasi drugPowdered products
Pharmaceutical productsCapsulePTP packagingAbout 50 million capsules
Quasi drugCapsule
Pharmaceutical productsOintment·5-300g
·Laminated tube
About 3 million bottles·Vacuum emulsifying equipment
·OintmentFilling machine
·Disper mixer
·Homo mixer
·Ointment filling line
Quasi drugOintment
Pharmaceutical productsInternal liquid dproduct·10-120 mL 500mL
·Drink & Syrup product
About 10million bottles
·Blending Tank
·Disper mixier
·Bottle washer
·Filling line
Quasi drugInternal liquid dproduct
Pharmaceutical productsexternal liquid dproductCapable 40-150mLAbout .25million bottles·Blending Tank
·Filling line ·Packaging line
Quasi drugexternal liquid dproduct

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