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Kongo Chemical Co., Ltd



TEL:+81-76-423-3131 FAX:+81-76-423-3760


Kongo Chemical., Ltd. Contributes to human healthcare as an innovative and skilled API-manufacturer.
At that time, Kongo was one of the rare chemical companies specialized in organic synthesis on industrial scales in Toyama Prefecture. Since its establishment, Kongo has been contributing to domestic as well as foreign pharmaceutical companies through manufacturing of various active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and pharmaceutical intermediates.
In recent years, Kongo has been aggressively devoting custom synthesis of intermediates with complex structures for new medicines, in addition to in-house API-products. Many Kongo’s expert chemists are making every effort to meet various requirements on such contract manufacturing subjects and are solving problems on process optimization and industrial-scale production.

Category Form of drug Feature of the form Capacity of commission (per year) Main production machine Production techniques Additional information
Pharmaceutical products- ●We manufacture and supply generic active pharmaceutical ingredients(APIs) with high quality both by our GMP-management system and by organic synthetic technologies which have been accumulated for 70 years from the establishment of our company.
●We totally support development of a new medicine from its clinical stage to commercial production by utilizing and applying our positive experience accumulated for recent decades.
≪Key Technologies≫
· Extreme low temperature reactions up to -90℃
· High temperature reactions up to 220℃
· Catalytic hydrogenations
·Kongo experienced many periodical FDA-inspections
ISO14001:1996 Certified.

·In order to meet increasing requirements from customers, we totally support development of a new product from its early stage to its commercial production with our wide range technologies and continuously do our best to improve quality and to secure stable supply.

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