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Kokando Co., Ltd.


2-9-1 Umezawa-cho Toyama-city Toyama (ZIP code:930-8580)

TEL:+81-76-424-2431 FAX:+81-76-424-2210
Pharmaceutical department: Yoshihiro Nishino


We, Kokando Co., Ltd, can handle wide variety of customer needs by owning adequate equipments for manufacturing high quality & low cost products. We have capacity of manufacturing tablets, pill, glanule, powder and drink type of products.
We also have dedicate equipments for investigational new drugs, so it is acceptable the order of co-development. We opened and started operation at the new plant in Kureha which is featured for internal solid medicine on the fall of 2010. The brand new flowbin system enabled us to produce higher quality and lower cost products.

Category Form of drug Feature of the form Capacity of commission (per year) Main production machine Production techniques Additional information
Pharmaceutical productsTabletPlane tablet, two layered tablet, cored tablet, sugar coated tablet, FC tablet, FC printed tablet1,500 million in total·Fluidized bed granulator
·Stirring granulator
·Tumbler mixing machine
·Tabletting machine
·PTP packaging machine
·Bottle filling machine
·Visual checking machine for tablets
·Pill maker
·Divided packaging machine
·Oral liquid products800bpm line
·Oral liquid products300bpm line
·Oral liquid products100bpm line
·Roller compactor
·Printed tablet inspection machine
·Coating machine(Dria coater,Aqua coater)
Acceptable order of product development to commissioning the commercial products and investigational new drugs.·Capable of smooth service by the specialized department for dealing with commissioning and OEM.
·Capable of dealing with various size and amount of production.
·Acceptable orders of a part of the production by itself.
·KOKANDO has established the flexible product providing system which our high quality products are delivered timely.
Quasi drugTablet
Pharmaceutical productsGranule1,400t: total of granulate and powdered products
Quasi drugGranule
Pharmaceutical productsPowdered products
Quasi drugPowdered products
Pharmaceutical productsPillPill, Odd shaped pillTotal 500 million pills
Quasi drugPill
Pharmaceutical productsInternal liquid product100,50,45,30,20mlTotal 250 million bottles
Quasi drugInternal liquid product

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