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We are complex type pharmaceutical company having R&D division which drives new drug development forward as well as production division which manufacture oral agent and injection, based on the business such as home medicine delivery which building a nationwide sales network and drug store which driving for nationwide expansion.
In production division, we develop contract manufacturing business of various dosage form for our customers, including overseas, for pharmaceutical product and investigational product by making full use of state-of-the-art technology.

Category Form of drug Feature of the form Capacity of commission (per year) Main production machine Production techniques Additional information
Pharmaceutical Product/Investigational medicinal productInjectionVial product (RTU, lyophilized)6 million vials【Actual production equipment】
·Vial filling line x3
·Lyophilizer x6
·Vial labeler x2
·Foreign matter inspection machine x3
·Visual inspection machine x2

【Investigational drug production equipment】
·Syringe filling machine x1
·Lyophilizer x1
·Various preparation equipment
【Contract manufacturing technology】
·Capable of providing advanced formulation technologies that meet customer’s needs by making full use of manufacturing techniques obtained from contract manufacturing of small molecule compounds, synthetic peptide and biopharmaceuticals to aseptic manipulation and lyophilization techniques in injection, as well as various oral preparation.

【Contracted research system】
·We have system platform that allow to provide variety services, such as: formulation development, sample manufacturing for non-clinical study/stability test, stability testing, commercialization study, investigational drug manufacturing and commercialization,

【Overseas correspondence system】
·Please contact us for overseas services.
【Development of new technology】
·Promoting the development of sustained release and granulation emulsification technology/injection.

·Obtained patents for aseptic emulsification system and aseptic classification system. Capable of providing special formulation services.

·Promoting the development of new dosage form technology.
(Jelly agent, fluid packaging, etc.)

【Overseas services for investigational drug product】
·Capable of flexible and meticulous services supported by abundant experiences.

【Joint study/development system】
·Widely developing joint study/development on new drug (investigational product) and generic drug (GE).

【Contract manufacturing of adhesive skin poultice, liquids for external use, mixtures for internal use, Jelly agent】
·Served by affiliated group companies (100% owned).
Panakeia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (in Toyama) and Towaseiyaku Co., Ltd. (in Wakayama)
TabletUncoated tablet, film-coated tablet, sugar-coated tablet800 million tablets【Actual production equipment】
·Mixer x3
·Granulating/crushing machine x9
·Fluidized powder bed granulator x2
·Fluidized powder bed dryer x2
·High-speed stirring granulator x4
·Extruding granulator x2
·Coating machine x5
·Tableting machine x7
·Capsule filling machine x1
·Tablet's appearance inspection machine x3
·Tablet visual inspection machine x3
·Capsule visual inspection machine x1
·Stick filling/packaging line x2
·4 sided seal filling/packaging line x4
·PTP filling/packaging line x5
·Bottle filling/packaging line x2

【Investigational drug production equipment】
·Mixer, high-speed stirring granulator, fluidized powder bed granulation coating machine, extruding granulator, granulating/crushing machine, tableting machine, coating machine, simple capsule filling machine, semi-automatic PTP filling machine,
Other small-scale facilities also furnished.
CapsuleCapsule size: #180 million capsules
Granule4 sided seal packaging, stick250 tons

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