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Daito Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.


326 Yokamachi Toayama-city Toyama (ZIP code:939-8221)

TEL:+81-76-421-8829 FAX:+81-76-491-3026
Chief of taking order and promotion department: Tokuhiro Araya


We take order for pharmaceutical raw materials, Generic pharmaceutical products, OTC and advanced medical care products. We manufacture from raw materials to finish products of wide variety of products for pharmaceutical companies all over the world.

Category Form of drug Feature of the form Capacity of commission (per year) Main production machine Production techniques Additional information
Pharmaceutical productsTabletNormal tablet, FC tablet, Sugar coated tablet
(capable of printing tablet)
1billion tablets·Flux granule dryer
·Kneading granulator
·Mixing machine
·Tableting machine
·Coating machine
·Tablet auto visual checking machine
·Tablet print inspection machine
·Fine granule inspection machine
·PTP packaging line
·Four-way sealing packaging line
·Filling tablet with counter
·Filling powder with conter
Acceptable order of product development,production of commercial products consistently.·Has audited by FDA and Europian sales authorities for manufacturing system, raw materials and finish products. (FDA audit: Raw materials in April 2006 and products in February 2008).
·As for the finish products, we only manufacture internal solid products.
·Contract manufacturing for high potency solid form drug products like Anti-cancer drug products.
Fine granule200t
Raw materialGeneral raw materialNegotiable·Reacting can
(horizontal (HC) 、Bottom rejecting type and top rejecting type (TF & HC)
·Dryer (Unical, shelf brewer, low pressure)
·Concentrater (evapolater, SUS)
·distillation apparatus
·Grinder mill
(Hammer mill, Pin mill, Jet mill)

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