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Daiichi Yakuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd.


15-1 Kusajima Toyama-city Toyama (ZIP code:931-8515)



Category Form of drug Feature of the form Capacity of commission (per year) Main production machine Production techniques Additional information
Pharmaceutical productsTabletCapable of producing of tablet with film coatingAbout 100 million tablets·Mixing stirring granulator
·Cylinder granulation machine
·Granule extrusion machine
·Flux granule dryer
·Mixing machine
·Tableting machine
·Coating machine
·PTP packaging
·Tablet bottle filling machine
·Four-way sealer etc.
·Aluminium pouch packaging machine
(Automatic bag feeding type packaging machine)
Acceptable order of product developments, application for approval, production of commercial products consistently.Capable of smooth service by the specialized department for dealing with commissioning and OEM.
GranuleFour-way seal packagingTotal of 10t; Granule& Powdered products
Powdered products

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