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CMIC CMO Co., Ltd.


2-37 Ariso Imizu-city Toyama (ZIP code:930-0251)

TEL 0766-86-3531
FAX 0766-86-3508
Planning Administration Dept.: Rikiya Hara


CMIC CMO Co.,Ltd. Toyama Plant has initiated its business in Sep. 2006 as a contract manufacturing organisation.

 ·Manufacturing building and facility compatible with high alcohol containing drugs
 ·Manufacturing high potent drugs
 ·Manufacturing by homogenizer mixer (BECOMIX) with efficient agitation
 ·Manufacturing with flexible batch sizes
 ·Flexible manufacturing for CTM (Clinical Trial Materials) and commercial supply

Category Form of drug Feature of the form Capacity of commission (per year) Main production machine Production techniques Additional information
Pharmaceutical productsOintment・Capable of manufacture Ointment, Cream, Gel
·Capable of manufacturing high alcohol containing drugs(5-200g)
It responds to consultation.·Vacuum emulsification device
·Homogenizer mixer
·Vacuum movable dissolution tank
·Cream mixer
·Aluminum tube fillng and seal machine
·Aluminum Laminate tube fillng and high frequency seal machine
·Aluminum tube,Laminate tube,Plastic tube fillng and hot air seal machine
·Fixed quantity filling machine
·Cream preparation filling machine
·Cream preparation filling ,capping machine
·Liquid preparation filling machine
·Labeling machine
·Semi-automatic cartoning machine
·Automatic cartoning machine for individual package
·Rondration sharping machine
·Cartoning machine for medical treatment
·Overwrapping machine
·We are able to provide comprehensive services from scale-up study to GMP manufacturing of commercial products.

·Capable of manufacturing lines for high potent drugs and high alcohol containing drugs.

·Regarding IPs, we are able to offer packaging services of various dosage forms and pharmaceutical development of semi-solid and external-liqui.
·Flexible lines for various size of batches makes the process of efficiency and high quality products.

·Support from CMIC group which has abundant experience for setting of testing method, stability test, documentation of application form, clinical study, investigational new drug.

·CMIC group will support for the smooth service and help investigational new drug applications etc.

·Be able to advice about the size not provided.
External liquidCapable 5-120ml
Capable of manufacturing from low to high viscosity (10-190g)
Quasi drugDentifrice
Investigational new drugVarious kinds of dosage formPackaging compatible

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