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Collective trademark

A collective trademark with regional name, “Toyama-no-Kusuri” (means medicines of Toyama)
In hope of everyone to feel more familiar to “Toyama-no-Kusuri.”

Toyama Pharmaceutical Association had applied for the collective trademark with regional name to strengthen the brand power of “Toyama-noKusuri” (medicines of Toyama). In July, 2007, it got approved by Japan Patent Office for the decision of registration.

Registration for the collective trademark is usually approved when an association or organization create a special local product.
It was the second remarkable accomplishment after “Inami-Chokoku” (Wooden Engraving in Inami, Toyama), which showed that medicines of Toyama are widely known all over Japan.

Based on this, Toyama Pharmaceutical Association created a logo for the external promotion.
Its flame is a figure of drug deliverer who has been bringing medicines with comfort and building history and tradition of “Toyama-no-Kusuri.” It is also designed “T” after the first letter of Toyama as medicine capital. The mark was designed to express “medicine of Toyama is safe.”
Its green color is to express the splendor of nature in Toyama and Orange is to express feeling of comfort and warmness.
In JR Toyama station and Toyama airport, as front door to Toyama, the advertisements and vertical banners with this mark and logo welcome tourists from the other prefectures. This is also put on several goods.