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Yakushi Seiyaku Ltd.

3-2-15 Chuou-dori Toyama-city Toyama (ZIP code:930-0044)


Category Form of drug Feature of the form Capacity of commission (per year) Main production machine Production techniques Additional information
Pharmaceutical productsSmall pill5-15mg/pill200kg·Mixing machine
·Kneading machine
·Pill maker
·Capsul filler
·PTP packaging machine(Capsul)
·Sorting machine for small pills etc.
Capable of producing small pills and big pillsHas experience of accepting order as a dedicated pill products maker. Amount of the order is negotiable.
Pill150 - 200mg/ pill12t
Capsule#2 Capsul
Capable of PTP Packaging
3 million CAP
12 CAP/sheat
·Filling of #2 Capsul
·Capable of PTP Packaging

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