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Character of Medicine of Toyama “Kusurin”

Character of “medicine of Toyama”
“Kusurin” is stuffed full of safety and friendliness. Character's name: Kusurin

Toyama Pharmaceutical Association sought ideas of character design to polish its image, in order to strengthene brand power of “medicine of Toyama” and for the people all over Japan to become more familiar with it.

Young generation involved in household distribution business take the lead in collecting these design ideas, and gathered 84 works in 3months from October 10th, 2010. Kusurin got selected from them.

Kusurin was designed to look like an “Azuke-bako”, which always has medicines ready for us when we have precipitous fever or pain, when we get a cold and we feel strange with our health conditions. It gives you an image of a wooden medicine box that medicine seller with a wicker basket and Hunting caps would used to deliver to your house in Showa-era. The medicine box has sachets of medicines with unique designs, traditional medicines with lots of herbs, and many old fashioned “Paper balloons.” , which brings people feeling of safety and friendliness.

“Kusurin” will appear in several events and be owned as a character mascot to bring you safety and close feeling.

Specification of Kusurin