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International exchanges

Toyama Pharmaceutical Association started international exchanges in full swing as a perfect opportunity to the visit to Basel, Switzerland in 2006 with the recent increasing development of globalization of manufacturing companies.
Now, the member of the exchange program started planning to have relationship with not only Basel but also the other countries and areas in the world.

  1. Transmitting “Medicine of Toyama” to the world
  2. Promoting the feature and its high quality of manufacturing of pharmaceutical products that Toyama-prefecture is proud of owning, through communication with pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  3. Promoting co-development and exchanging the technology with pharmaceutical manufacturer, bio-venture companies and researching labs (such as in the University). Also, we promote cooperation of manufacturing technologies and realization of commissioning.
  4. Encourage more active communications with the development of production and sales of the pharmaceutical products. It includes calling on “group of observers to Toyama", which is composed by manufacturer and University personnel.