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A la carte of “Medicine of Toyama”
Toyama's original medicine brand “PANA-WAN” / “ESSEN”

The fruits of the tradition of “Medicine of Toyama” and the knowledge among government, industry and academia.

Government-industry-academia collaboration has been leading to the great research and development in Toyama prefecture. It is proven by establishing the only prefectural facility, “Research institute for pharmaceutical products” and “Center of instruction for the medicinal plant". Toyama University has “General research institute of Natural medicines” which has lots of resources about traditional medicines around the world.


As for one of the testaments to those efforts, there is a donated seminar called “Research and developing department of Natural Medicines” in “General research institute of Natural medicines” in Toyama University. It is conducted by donation from Toyama prefecture and pharmaceutical companies or associations in Toyama.

We have focused on developing a Toyam's original medicine brand and the first revitalized supplemental drug “PANA-WAN” was born in 2006. “PANA-WAN” is the new type of pill shaped drug which is mixed with 11 different animal & plant crude drugs. Pill shape making is known for distinct production of “Medicine of Toyama”.

In 2011, the second gastrointestinal medicine “ESSEN” has been released. It is complex of 6 crude drugs, including Thorn apple and Ubai. The medicine is chewable so that elderly people can easily take.


A brief description of ESSEN
[ Product Features ]

  • For those who suffer a loss of appetite due to aging, weak gastrointestinal function, or other reasons
  • A medicine for stomach health and intestinal function that improves digestion and increases the appetite
  • Contains herbal medicines to stimulate salivation
  • Activates bowel movements and relieves constipation
  • A Chinese medicinal prescription of dai-kenchu-to + formulation of hawthorn fruit and mume fruit
  • The chewable tablets can be easily taken without water even by those who have difficulty taking pills and tablets

[ Enjoy eating – this is the secret to health and longevity ]
In Japan, which has become a super-aging society, there has been an increase in the tendency of elderly people to get caught in a vicious circle where a scant diet, due to such things as physiological factors of aging or chronic diseases, leads to malnutrition, which further causes a decrease in immune strength and physical debilitation. Against this backdrop, ESSEN was developed based on the concept that it is essential for people to enjoy eating if they wish to live a long, healthy, independent life.